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The sustainability benefits of light steel framing and modular construction

are based on the off-site nature of the construction process; these are:

  • High levels of thermal insulation and air-tightness are achieved in light steel framing, and modular construction.
  • The light weight of these construction systems means that foundation loads and sizes are reduced by over 70% relative to concrete and block-work construction.
  • Productivity and speed of construction is increased by over 30% which reduces site impacts.
  • Transport is greatly reduced. A single delivery of light steel frames is typically sufficient for 3 houses.
  • Site safety is improved by a factor or 5 according to HSE statistics due to the off-site construction process.
  • Site waste is virtually eliminated by the use of pre-fabricated light steel and modular components compared to the industry average wastage of 10% in construction materials.
  • Use of components rolled to length results in no production waste.
  • Embodied carbon in the building fabric is reduced by up to 20% when using light steel framing and modular construction.
  • Renewable energy technologies can be attached to and built-in the light steel and modular components.
  • Light steel structures can be modified and extended easily. Modular units can be dis-assembled and re-used.
  • Light steel and modular construction are widely used in building extensions and in renovation, due to their light weight and speed of installation.
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