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Structural Robustness

The benefits of light steel framing and modular construction in relation to

structural robustness are:

  • Light steel framing and modular construction provide robust structures that satisfy the Building Regulation requirement for avoidance of disproportionate collapse.
  • Robustness is provided by multiple members with a high degree of inter-connectivity.
  • Load bearing walls are produced that distribute loads rather than relying on discrete load bearing columns.
  • Light steel frame construction generally has lateral bracing distributed throughout the structure.
  • The form of construction creates multiple load paths which mean loads can be transferred around areas of local damage.
  • Light steel structures are capable of resisting high wind loads.
  • Modular construction can be designed so that complete modules can be removed without the building becoming unstable.
  • Light steel buildings are commonly used in seismic zones with a good record for surviving earthquakes and flooding.
  • The lightweight nature of the construction means that if any local damage does occur, debris loading is considerably less compared to heavier construction materials.
  • Steel is a ductile material which is able to sustain significant deformation without detrimental loss of strength.
Building Regulations - Approved Document A
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