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External infill Walls

The benefits of light steel infill walls are:

  • Rapid installation allows other activities within the building to proceed much earlier than would be possible with block-work infill walls.
  • The construction process is ‘dry’, so that shrinkage and other drying-out problems are eliminated.
  • Design flexibility: tall walls up to 5 m can be readily achieved.
  • Large windows, parapets and other architectural features can be incorporated within light steel infill walls.
  • Excellent fire resistance: periods of up to 120 minutes can be achieved using multiple layers of fire resistant plasterboard.
  • Light steel walls can achieve excellent acoustic insulation: over 60 dB when using double layers of plasterboard and insulating quilt between the vertical C sections.
  • A high level of thermal insulation is provided by a variety of insulation boards that attach externally to the vertical studs to create a ‘warm frame’.
  • Light steel infill walls can be used to support a wide range of cladding systems.
  • Light steel walls are much lighter and thinner than conventional block work walls; they do not apply heavy line loads to the floor.
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